The beauty of freckles: Brock Elbank's journey to photograph 150 freckled faces

London based photographer Brock Elbank is currently on a quest - he wants to photograph 150 freckled people for his exhibition next year. Now mid-way through his two year based photo project, aimed to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of freckles, Brock has taken 90 stunning portraits. "I’ve always loved freckles," said Elbank. "What I find interesting about individual characters that I have been fortunate enough to photograph is that many have struggled with their freckles since their infancy and either hated them, or grown to live with them or even like them in adulthood." Although you'd have to travel over to the U.K, applications are still open to be a part of the project and anyone interested in being featured should send a recent colour photo to [gallery link="file" ids="8471,8470,8469,8468,8467,8466,8465"]