Juicy Couture make their debut on the runway

Our favourite tracksuit brand that we all loved growing up with has made its debut onto the fashion week runway sending our nostlagia into a frenzy. Earlier this month Jamie Mizrahi, the creative director at Juicy Couture, brought the label back to the runway in a way we’ve never seen it before to showcase their Fall 2018 collection in New York.

The labels appearance at fashion week was a bold move and showed how the brand is evolving. It is known that Juicy wasn’t one to create collections and they were never known to be a fashion week label. Jamie Mizrahi clearly has a drive to change this and elevate the label. 

The show was held in an old but endearing hotel on West 31st street. The 114 year old Wolcott Hotel served as the perfect backdrop for Juicy’s collection as they explored what the label may have looked like in other decades. Predominately a label best know in the 90’s and 00’s, Jamie wanted to create pieces that would suit the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as well as todays modern society. 

Down the runway there were tie-dyed faux furs inspired by the 60’s, wide collared leather jackets from the 70’s, ripped and pouffy gowns from the 80’s and velour puffers inspired by todays fashion.

The show would not be complete though without seeing the iconic tracksuits being sent down the runway, don’t worry Maria didn’t forget. To emphasise what Juicy can really offer she decided to leave the signature look until the end and she sure did put her own spin on them, there was even a pink sequinned version!

(Images from Vogue & Hypebae)