We investigate the return of sweater vests

Created more for its functionality than its style, the sweater vest can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century. Sparking popularity in the '70s, the notorious sweater vest has dipped in and out of the fashion scene every decade since. 

If they're good enough for Princess Di, they're good enough for us (@Diana.princess.wales via Instagram) 

As we all know, history repeats. Here I am, typing out this investigation into the vesty legend in my very own, knitted sweater vest.

These nostalgic retro pieces are everywhere at the moment. From New York Fashion Week and Prada's boutiques, to the OG finds in local thrift shops and even Harry Styles' latest music vid - you’re sure to find one for every occasion.

I can't class myself as a sweater vest expert just yet since my collection sits at two, however, if I was to give you one piece of advice; a quality sweater vest will always be made from quality sheep wool, cashmere or cotton. Avoid acrylic at all costs.

In every colour, pattern and design, these vests have the power to make a simple shirt or a basic tee look effortlessly styled and you'll quickly forget the fact that these pieces were once the staple wardrobe of geeks and dads. 

Whether you're in need of pared down office wear or outlandish statement sweaters, let your imagination run riot this season, and make Harry Styles proud. 

Here are some of our fave recent sweater vest comebacks...

Harry Styles, the king of sweater vests himself (Photo: Splashnews) 

Oversized Prada

Button up in Louis Vuitton

Make like Maria Bernad in green Gucci (@maria_bernad via Instagram) 

Emulate Gabriella Berdugo's sophisticated street style (@leboudoirselectif via Instagram)

Bella Hadid in utility style vest (Photo: KCS Presse/ MEGA) 

So if history is anything to go by and you haven't bought your sweater vest yet, don't worry. Give it another 10 years and you'll have your chance all over again!