Your Guide to Tricky Fashion Names

We provided you with a safe net to prevent you from that ear burning, blushing cheeks embarrassment felt when you pronounce a renowned brand name/designer incorrectly through our Guide to Properly Pronouncing Fashion Brands article and now we’re going to expand that safety net even further with our guide to pronouncing tricky names.

Here’s the right pronunciation to all those seemingly simple, but in fact rather complicated, names such as one of our favourites, ‘Cara Delevingne’ – the ways people pronounce this one never cease to be less than entertaining, and it always gives us a sense of pride when we correct someone with the right way to say it.

Cara Delevingne (British model)

Pronounced : Car-a Dell-a-veen

Giovanna Battaglia (Italian stylist, ex model and street style icon)

Pronounced: Gio-vannah Ba-tag-lia

Chiara Ferragni (Italian blogger, street style icon and fashion designer)

Pronounced: Kee-arah Fare-ah-nee

Carine Roitfeld (Iconic French stylist, ex editor in chief of French Vogue)

Pronounced: Ca-reen Royt-feld

Stephen Gan (Editor-in-chief of V magazine, creative director of Harpers Bazaar US)

Pronounced: Steev-en Ganne

Hanne Gaby Odiele (Belgian model and street style icon)

Pronounced: Han-ay Gab-ee Oh-deel

Doutzen Kroes (Dutch model and Victoria Secret Angel, mega babe) 

Pronounced: Doubt-zen Crows

Annie Leibovitz (American photographer)

Pronounced: Annie Lee-bo-witz

Patrick Demarchelier (famous French photographer)

Pronounced: Patrick Dee-March-shell-e-ay