Five ways Swarovski Collection 1 can spice up a neutral wardrobe

In light of Swarovski’s last Wonderlab collection which Remix debuted here back in May, we thought it was only right to put together a complimentary style guide that hero’s these crystal icons. With the August temperature colder than the inside of the fridge, and the heat pumps set to Bahama breeze, it's easy to get lost in the black and white wardrobe abyss. But dress boring no longer. Wonderlab is here to save those neutral wardrobe woes by accessorising with a touch of Swarovski magic.

Spice up a full beige fit with the pink-toned Chroma hoop earrings and Chroma choker. This is the perfect brunching and lunching outfit that's comfortable, yet overly chic. 

Wonderlab is the magical escapade designed to merge science and creativity together resulting in a creative ground for jaw-dropping jewellery. Titled Collection 1, the first Wonderlab collection is everything you would expect from the famed jewellery house and more... Bright and bold, sleek and sexy, each piece is designed to be worn, loved and spark joy to all those around. 

You can’t go wrong with a pop of green and the Dulcis cocktail ring, Dulcis Stud Earrings and Millenia bracelet make for the perfect trifecta. 

The brains behind this monumental jewellery venture is Creative Director Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert. With over 20 years of experience in the fashion sector, including the title of International Editor and Fashion Consultant, she certainly knows what she’s doing. Giovanna has been with the company since 2016, but her recent appointment to Creative Director has come at the perfect time. In an effort to redirect their brand into a more innovative and creative crystal powerhouse, she is the driving force to a bigger and brighter future for the brand.

Add a touch of glam to any full black fit by mixing the Mesmera Y necklace and Mesmera bracelet together to create a powerful style statement. Sophisticated and sleek there’s no going wrong here.

Describing the collection as a “mathemagical garden” Giovanna has created a world of jewellery that is like no other. “The Wonderlab is an idea, it is an imagined place that embodies everything Swarovski stands for and that will continue to inspire us for years to come.”

This outfit is perfect for all errands and the Curiosa stud earring and Curiosa cocktail ring make it for the ideal “I just threw this on” look.

If you’re wanting to spice up a work ensemble to go out for dinner with the gals, the Somnia bracelet, Lucent cocktail ring, Lucent stud earring and Millenia open ring are exactly what you need. Subdued tones and pops of yellow make for the perfect welcoming of spring.