This trick will prevent your phone screen from smashing ever again

We’ve all been there: you’re frantically responding to a passive aggressive work email, or marvelling at how the new Instagram filters give you the glowing skin of a Victoria Secret’s model, when your phone slips from your hand, shattering as it lands face down on the pavement.

Devastating though it may be when it happens to you, these sorts of accidents are completely preventable thanks to Casemate.

Casemate’s latest range of iPhone cases for the 8, 8 Plus and X are not only practical and durable in terms of keeping your phone safe and in one piece, they also have the power to turn your iPhone into a stunning accessory.

Not to mention, with bright, colourful options such as Glow, Colourful Petals, Waterfall, Karat and the mood-ring inspired What's Your Mood?, there’s no chance of ever losing your phone in the depths of your handbag. 

Our favourite case has to be the Compact Mirror which comes complete with a little pocket on the back that conceals a mirror - perfect for touching up your lipstick after lunch or making sure you look selfie-perfect before snapping away.

The pocket can also store up to four cards and is magnetically-closed for security. Available in black, rose gold and iridescent, the Compact Mirror case is leather-look making it a super chic accessory. 

Now we have no excuse to A) ever look bad in a selfie or B) damage our phone while taking one! Casemate cases are available online at Casemate, here, and in major retailers including Superette, here and Smith & Caughey’s here. Cases retail from $25 to $95 .... is anyone else thinking perfect Christmas present

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