Festive Season Hair with Chloe Zara: Modern Waves for Summer with the ghd curve classic wave wand

This week Chloe Zara brings us the third of five festive hair looks – loose modern waves. This look is really easy to achieve using the ghd curve classic wave wand. A contemporary look for day or night, this look complements most outfits whether they be casual or chic. ghd-Modern-Waves 1: Apply ghd total volume foam to towel dried, freshly washed hair. Blow dry hair using ghd air hairdryer and a rounded barrel brush. Spray ghd curl hold spray through your hair. (This includes heat protect in its formula, so no need for both!) 2: Sectioning off the top of your hair, start at the bottom and take medium size sections (approximately 3-4cm). Holding the ghd curve classic wave wand, with the barrel facing down, carefully wrap your hair around the barrel away from your face, beginning at the top and working to the bottom. 3: Hold the hair in place on the barrel for around 8-10 seconds. When you let your hair go, a handy tip is to hold the curl up towards your head, in your hand for a few seconds to let it cool and keep its shape. 4: Once the curls have cooled, gently run the ghd oval dressing brush through the hair to create a soft, loose wave. 5: For a little extra volume, backcomb the roots and mid-lengths of your hair. Finally, finish with ghd final fix spray to set the curls and a little ghd final shine spray for extra shine. ghd Modern waves 2 Remember, if you’re thinking ghd this Christmas, don’t forget to #hintghd! Check out the entire ghd arctic gold limited edition range, here.