The fashion icons wearing mismatched shoes

Fans of symmetry, be warned. There's a dubious new phenomenon gradually making its way into high fashion and along catwalks of the world  - mismatched shoes. Just like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, models are strutting in shoes of alternate colours, patterns or cuts, in what some might deem a total fashion faux pas.

Evidence of this trend has quickly accrued, and it doesn't seem to be on the way out in any rush.  Céline got crowds talking early last year with mismatched white and red ankle boots in their Spring/Summer 17 show (pictured above), and the look reappeared shortly after at the Calvin Klein show. Naomie Harris (pictured below) strode the Academy Awards red carpet in subtly mismatched stilettos, and the newest Balenciaga collection also includes pumps of differing silhouettes. At the Alexander Wang show in February, Brooklyn Beckham demonstrated that mismatched shoes aren't just for the ladies, by donning mismatching Converse high-tops. Some might ask: why? Others, why not?

Should life turn to such chaos that you find yourself short of a matching pair of shoes , then it might be the perfect opportunity for you to jump on board the mismatching shoe trend and do your bit subverting the ideals of beauty. However, other skeptics argue that this trend will never make its way from the catwalks to the streets, because the trend opposes our human instincts to match.

Is the future of footwear matching, or not? We'll leave it up to time to tell!


Photos: The Cut, Sydney Morning Herald