Doodlewear is the wearable Kiwi artist collab you need to know about!

Whoever thought art was only meant for gallery walls and the insides of posh homes was absolutely WRONG. What better way to celebrate the diverse, burgeoning talents in the New Zealand art industry who create art too good to be locked away, than to wear it wherever you go? Doodlewear collaborates with Kiwi creatives to produce art in high-quality, wearable form.

Ataahua Portraits models wear Arohanoa Artistry


Matilda Rice wears 'Shhhhh' tee by Kassandra's Illustrations


Alex Spodyneiko wears 'Hokey Pokey' tee by Foohbear


After almost a year in the biz, Doodlewear shows no signs of slowing down. The collective is 32 artists strong, and with over 300 designs to choose from, it’s almost impossible to pick just one. The high-quality garments are 100% cotton and made to order with a state-of-the-art digital printer. The eco-friendly printing method makes light work of smooth gradients, complex details and colours, and avoids that weird cracking you often end up with on graphic tees and sweatshirts. 

The Culture of Grace - the Pound family wears the 'World Map' tee by Fiona Clarke art


The Culture of Grace - 'Slumber' tee by Baileys Alchemy


Ataahua Portraits model wears 'Pink Eyes Manawahine' tee by Arohanoa Artistry


Shannon Stott wears 'Storm'sa Brewing!' tee by Sven Clarkson


The art is worth checking out even if you’re not in the market for new clothes (I take no responsibility for impulse purchases because you will want to wear ALL of it!). The styles and media are wonderfully varied; there’s something for everyone from watercolour lovers to digitally created art fiends. These arty tees are a great way to showcase your taste all summer long. Then, you can go back for a new piece, on a sweatshirt for the colder months!   


Erin Simpson wears 'The Fantail' tee by Erin Simpson


Stephanie Lai (The Travel Kid) wears the 'Nicecream' tee by Foohbear


Jordan Vickers - model wears 'Frida' tee by m_illustrate


The Culture of Grace - 'Full Purple Unicorn' tee by Sarah McAlpine


Simone Anderson wears the 'Jarl' tee by August and Stitch

The tees and sweatshirts are available for men, women and children, so Doodlewear is going to be my one-stop shop for the whole family for Christmas. Support this awesome Kiwi company, my local artists, and the spirit of Christmas? Several birds, one stone, and a whole lot of cute clothes to play with! It’s a yes from me.

Check out the whole range on the Doodlewear website, Instagram and Facebook!



Thumbnail image: Kseniia Spodyneiko (The Style Jungle) wears 'Goodnight Kiwi & Cat' tee by Foohbear