Watch mother-daughter duo Kobi and Janine style their favourite Swarovski pieces just in time for Mother’s Day

Is there anything more powerful than a mother’s love? Maternal love is multifaceted and transfigures our world with guidance, aspiration, reassurance and devotion. This Mother’s Day, Swarovski is celebrating all mums and their life-defining love. 

There is no ‘one way’ to mother, and so to honour the diversity and individuality of motherhood, Swarovski has created a collection that is as unique as all mums and mother figures across the world. Swarovski’s Creative director Giovanna Engelbert says “There’s no one way to be a mother, to love like a mother, so this Mother’s Day Swarovski celebrates the many forms a mother’s love can take and that incredible connection between a mother and child.” Known for their brightly hued and charismatic pieces, Swarovski provides the fundamentals for encompassing self-expression, empowerment and spellbinding elegance, ultimately, bringing mum’s light to life through jewellery.


In celebration of this year’s mothers day which is quickly approaching (May 8th), we turned to our favourite mother-daughter duo Kobi and Janine for an exclusive photoshoot and interview about all things love and of course, how the two styled Swarovski’s iconic jewels.

How do you celebrate Mother's Day?

Kobi: We celebrate Mother's Day by having a really yummy dinner. Mum is an incredible cook, and she’ll just cook this five-course meal to perfection. And my brother and I will come over and we're spoiled by choice with delicious food. It's always bougie.

Janine: I do, I love cooking for them, like any mum. And then they all leave and leave me with the dishes!

Describe your relationship in one word.

Janine: For me "irreplaceable." It's quite hard to describe anyone in one word I think.

Kobi: I would say "best friends." We're more “friends” than "mother and daughter." Our relationship is unique, we just have lots of jokes and laugh all the time.

What is something you like to do together?

Kobi: Something mum and I like to do together other than getting champagne and oysters on a Thursday afternoon, is to hang out at a cafe, catch up, and go for walks. Every time that we're together we just have the best time. Quality time! 

Janine: Yeah, quality time! We laugh a lot, I think that's great, we don't take each other too seriously. And it's cool now that Kobi is older because I have a best friend. I also love going on picnics with Kobi!

Kobi: Yeah, we go for picnics. Mum brings her five-course meal!

Janine: Yeah I've even taken a rug before and put it at the Auckland Domain, and it was really, Kobi's word, "bouje". Just simple things really and catching up, and even a phone call is nice. But I'm also known for really long texts, I send “book” texts really, a short story!

How would you describe your style?

Janine: I would describe my style as "ever-changing". I do like fashion, and when Kobi was little Pumpkin Patch was really the only clothing store for kids and I'd have her all colour coordinated with little hair ribbons, to the point where it was probably "OTT". I quite like comfort too, that's important. Comfort and being yourself.

Kobi: I probably dress for the weather or my mood - the weather internally! I dress how I feel. If I'm feeling really energetic and vibrant, I'll wear colours, and if I'm sad, I'll be in all black. My wardrobe is very eclectic, there's just everything. I might do "grunge" or "girly-girl" or "cozy", but I also really love Japanese style as well, so wearing baggy clothes. It's ever-changing, but I guess that's what is so awesome about fashion, and mum and I have so much in common with that. She'll literally give me a call just to talk about a new coat she bought. That's probably 80% of our conversations over the phone.

What do you like about the Swarovski jewellery?

Kobi: I am loving how vibrant, bold and beautiful it is. When I'm getting dressed, I always love to have a few loud pieces and a few really colourful pieces, my wardrobe is full of colour. And yeah, dressing for that mood, I am quite a high energy, positive person, so this really reflects my personality.

Janine: What I like most about the Swarovski jewellery is that it's timeless and effortless to wear.


How do you express yourself through fashion and jewellery?

Kobi: I get dressed first and then I always like to add jewellery afterwards to try and tie the two together and make a bit of a story.

Janine: I don't actually wear a lot of jewellery. But when I do wear it I want something really special. So Swarovski hits the nail on the head for me really, I just love it.

What makes your relationship unique?

Kobi: It's unique because we can both tell each other anything, and we have a really great relationship where nothing is really secret. If one of us needs the other, we're always there for each other, and I think that's pretty unique between mother and daughter. So I'm super grateful for my mum for always being there for me.

Janine: Like any parent, I think you've got to know when to step down and let your children just “be”, and I do that with Kobi because she's really independent and knows what she wants. But you’ve also got to know when to step up when they need you. So I think what makes us unique is that I sense when Kobi does need me and when I should step away and just leave her to fly with her own little wings. They're big wings because you're flying high haha.

Where would you like to travel together next?

Kobi: I would love to go to Spain with mum.

Janine: Yeah. We've talked about it and we'd quite like to go to Spain together. Either that or I’d like to go camping with Kobi and wake up under the stars. Because Kobi does lots of tramping and camping. So yeah, that's on my list.

Kobi: One day, that's what we'll do. This Mother's Day, take your mum camping!

What is your favourite thing about your mum?

Kobi: My favourite thing about my mum is her level of empathy, she's a real empath. When it comes to other people, she's always putting other people first and it's a really beautiful quality.

What is your favourite thing about Kobi?

Janine: My favourite thing about Kobi is her love of life, it's really contagious. It's like this happy bubble of life, and it encircles me as well. If ever I'm down she brings me up just from hearing her voice. I'm so lucky.