Break the shackles of tradition with Partridges' newest campaign

Partridge Jewellers have been at the forefront of tradition for more than 150 years. Just like style adapts over time, tradition should too. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to their newest campaign, Unchain – proffering traditional jewellery for untraditional women.  

In a campaign led by those who dare to defy, Partridge Jewellers are here to remind us that boundaries are our own to decide. Whilst making waves culturally, this visually captivating campaign is innovative, refreshing and undeniably stunning.  

Unchain features the timeless and elegant designs that Partridges Jewellers are famous for, complete with the modern touches that 2018 demands. 

Peruse their opulent diamond bracelets, exquisite pendants and men’s rings; and you’ll understand why Unchain is causing such a stir. 

It appears 2018 is the year of the woman and Unchain sings a war-cry in celebration of women fighting back against the roles imposed on them by society.

The campaign explores four stereotype-smashing women, Meet Carla Hohepa, a professional rugby player and mum, challenging the ideals of femininity.

Or perhaps you identify with country’s first transgender model like Manahou Mackay, unabashedly and completely herself. 

What about Jackie Scannell, a 61-year-old ballerina challenging age stereotypes on pointed toe, proving once again that you’re only as old as you feel.

Finally, 19-year-old Alexia Hilbertidou, a CEO, is fighting back against prejudice around her age.

Unchain reveals women’s power and tenacity to challenge tradition, and acts as a timely reminder to women to be bold, be daring and most importantly, be themselves.

Unchain youth, unchain strength and celebrate individuality with Partridges’ Unchain campaign.

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