If you’re going to invest in any type of jewellery, make it this

Like Elizabeth Taylor so famously said, “Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

Here at Remix, we can’t help but agree. Our team is made up of self-confessed jewellery addicts, ranging from those who would rather die than be caught without their statement earrings hanging from their lobes, to others who have been wearing the same fine jewellery layered delicately around their necks since walking into Remix HQ.

Call us magpies, gold diggers, whatever you’d like to call us, but whenever one of our favourite jewellery labels release a new collection, we’re the first to know ALL about it.

Cue Swarovski’s new Remix collection, the Fall Winter 2017 iteration from the global jewellery brand.

While we’d like to claim that we were the muse behind the crystal giant’s latest collection, we can certainly agree that the inspiration behind both remains the same.

Designed with modern woman in mind, the collection heroes individual style by offering limitless customisable options.

Magnetic closures enable the wearer to connect strands like never before, be it as a necklace, choker, double or single-wrap bracelets, or long stranded necklaces.

Nathalie Colin, Swarovski’s Creative Director, explains the game-changing nature of the Remix collection, which; “invites us to express our own style, personality, and attitude thanks to the versatile and customisable concept.”

Play up the different facets of your personality by recruit meaningful symbols to your jewellery wardrobe like the protective Hamsa hand, lucky charm or evil eye, or employing playful emojis, dainty pearls or classic crystal designs.

As seen on modern muse Karlie Kloss, Remix appeals to women that embody glamour, romance, timelessness, and a rock chic, no-holds-barred ethos.

So, if fashion trends come and go, then why shouldn’t your jewellery be flexible enough to do the same?

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