Avid horoscope readers, meet Givenchy’s new zodiac jewellery

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a skeptic or not, we all love getting a little wrapped up in astrology from time to time. From indulging in horoscope hunting to checking the compatibility for you and your S.O.’s star signs, there are all plenty of ways to get involved in astronomy, but the most exciting way would undoubtedly be incorporating it into your wardrobe.

Givenchy has released a stunning new jewellery collection catering to every star sign. The collection includes a series of rings and earrings designed by creative director, Claire Waight Keller.

The rings feature colourful stones that are meant to symbolise the supposed traits of the signs and the earrings double as pendants.

Coming with a black satin ribbon, thread one of the multipurpose pieces on for a bold statement piece or opt for a gold chain for a more refined look.

And with a price tag that’s equally as enticing, we’re making a space for this new range in our jewellery box asap.