The upcoming films you can't miss!

Although the New Zealand International Film Festival may be done for the year, you haven't quite missed your chance to catch this year’s greats. Thankfully, many of the best of the international films will be coming to regular cinemas in the coming weeks. Beware movie-goers, there may be a deluge of films to wade through. Finding the box-office greats from the films we'd rather miss can be a confusing, time-consuming and expensive process. So if you’d rather just skip to the good bits, we’ve got your definitive guide to the best upcoming films:

Good Time (Ben Safdie & Joshua Safdie):

As if Robert Pattinson needed to prove his acting skills any more, Good Time has given us another chance to see him in all his glory. This dark action/thriller takes viewers through a tumultuous neon-draped NYC night. Following a botched robbery, small time crim, Connie, struggles to rescue his brother from prison.

September 9th.

6 Days (Toa Fraser):

New Zealand filmmaker, Toa Fraser, presents this true-story thriller. In a film of perspectives, we are taken through the story of what really happened during the Iranian embassy hostage situation of 1980. Part of the story focuses on BBC reporter, Kate Adie, who through her live coverage, changed television news reporting.

September 7th.

Spookers (Florian Habicht):

This doco takes us behind the most terrifying horror house in Australasia, and into the lives of those who make the attraction so scary. The film is a celebration of the owners, who have repurposed the old buildings and created a family within their community – albeit, a slightly horrifying one.

September 14th.

The Beguiled (Sofia Coppola):

Sofia Coppola’s newest film earned her the coveted prize of Best Director at this year's Cannes Film Festival. The famous novel/film has been revamped and given a change of perspective; introducing audiences to famous faces in a light you probably haven’t seen them in before. Set in an all-girls seminary school in the midst of the American Civil War, an unlikely tale of loneliness, desperation and humour is told.

August 31st.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (Bonni Cohen & Jon Shenk):

This film is coming to theatres just when the world really needs it. An Inconvenient Sequel is the follow-up film to the most riveting climate change doco of recent memory, An Inconvenient Truth. This film is a reminder that there is so much work needed to be done, in a society where denying climate change is still a common occurrence. More than a must-see, this is a must-definitely-pay-attention-to.

August 24th.


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