Oscars' Gift Bags: The bizarre but brilliant gifts this year's nominees will receive

oscars The Oscars seem to be creating their fair share of controversy lately – we've just dealt with Jada Pinkett Smith’s announcement of a boycott due to the lack of diversity within the nominations, and now to add to the controversy, the contents of the gift bags the nominees will receive has been revealed... And we sure wish we were on the guest list. According to the Independent, this year's gifts are some of the most weird and wonderful yet, with a Vampire Breast lift (uhh, what?), and a 10-day trip to Israel worth $55,000. Described as a bag full of gifts that will be full of 'fabulous, fun, and functional items meant to thrill and pamper', Jennifer Lawrence and Leo DiCaprio will have plenty to sort through the morning after the big night. Nominees will also find themselves treated to a year's worth of unlimited Audi car rentals, a 15-day walking tour of Japan, and a laser skin-tightening procedure, amongst other luxurious gifts.