An exclusive look at the movers and shakers in music

From attending large music festivals and paying hundreds for concert tickets, to passively listening to the radio or making playlists of our fave artists on Spotify, music has become an integral part of our everyday lives. But once in a while, it's important to look back on music's history and Rialto Channel has made that possible with their new series of music documentaries, Summer Sounds. 

While music documentaries may not be your go-to genre, Rialto Channel provides something for everyone in their Summer Sounds series. From Pop and Rock to Jazz and Gospel, the series is guaranteed to cover a variety of music genres while providing you with compelling and dramatic subject matter.

From the comfort of your living room you will be treated to never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews and photographs, inspiring cinematography and gripping story lines. So sit back and become immersed in the high and lows of the music industry while following the legendary lives of some of the best in the business, including Mavis Staples, Clark Terry and James Brown.

Check out the compelling documentaries on Rialto Channel every Thursday at 8:30pm throughout December.