Miranda Kerr involved in a jewellery theft!?

When it comes to a messy break up, this takes the cake.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has found herself involved in a jewellery theft with her ex Jho Low whom she dated for a year after divorce with Orlando Bloom. 

Jho Low - a Malaysian financier who has found himself in a wee bit of a pickle with US justice department, after $4.8 billion is missing from a Malaysian state fund that was set up by the Malaysian Prime Minister. 

So, how is Miranda involved? Throughout the duration of their relationship, she was gifted with jewels including a Lorraine Schwartz pendant worth around $3.8 million and other jewellery worth around $1.98 million. She has been asked to hand all of this over in order to help with the investigation.

Her spokesman told the Dow Jones newswires: ‘From the start of the inquiry, Miranda Kerr cooperated fully and pledged to turn over the gifts of jewellery to the government. Ms Kerr will continue to assist with the inquiry in any way she can.’

Another celebrity involved in this is Leonardo DiCaprio who has been asked to turn over a $3.2 million Picasso work of art gifted to him by Jho Low, which he has also done happily. 

Let's hope after these two celebs cooperation that this keeps them out of this sticky mess! With Miranda being married to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, who needs those jewels anyway.