Make Your Friday Night Wine A Good One

Talisman Closeup-0064220Words by Steven Fernandez. Our editor Tina recently paid a visit to one of the six purpose designed Crossroadsvineyards in the Hawkes Bay. She’s been raving about it ever since and you’ll be able to read about her experience in the next issue of Remix magazine… As you get ready for your Friday night wine, we thought we’d suggest a quality one. Crossroads wines are the exceptional result of experience and skill in the vineyard, carefully selected blocks of land that have been developed for each varietal to ensure every Crossroads wine presents the greatest expression of its specific variety. Crossroads are responsible for hugely popular Milestone Series and Winemakers Collection, although it’s their signature secret blend Talisman that we recommend you must try. A Bordeaux style wine, Talisman is a unique embodiment of the very best the Crossroads’ Hawke’s Bay vineyards have to offer, a seamless interplay of different varietal flavours, which brings the palate to life, while supple, focused tannins frame the long finish. Until Tina’s feature in our next issue of Remix, you can find out more about Crossroads and their vineyards here, or buy Talisman online here.