The Leaning Tower of Pisa now has good posture

Save yourself the $10 on the train from Florence to Pisa and go get yourself a gelato instead

Does anyone actually go to the Leaning Tower of Pisa for architectural appreciation? Or is it only to post a classic pic with a witty pun caption you’ve been stewing over since the day you were born? Well I’ve got bad news for ya because apparently the Tower is hardly even leaning anymore. It is still on an angle, but a slither of its former dramatic state. For simplicities sake we are going to rename the structure the Slightly Askew Tower of Pisa, which exists in a small town in Italy full of history and culture.

Ever since building commenced on this leany guy things have never been quite right. Did you know? Between the years 1993 and 2001 they took drastic measures to try and keep him upright by removing a heap of soil from underneath the raised end. Sure, the ingenious engineering strategy managed to keep him from being too great a health hazard, but it may have worked too well. The angle now represents more of a ‘guy leaning casually against a wall’ Tower of Pisa.

They apparently were able to successfully straighten it out by 40 centimeters at the time, but now supposedly its continuing to straighten itself out all on its own! So, there you have it, it is slowly but surely becoming more upright. You may want to find another small Italian town to enjoy a pasta and a Spritz at the fraction of the price.

In honour of the leaning structures new state of being we have gathered some of the best Insta fails for your viewing pleasure:



Images via Pinterest