Ladi6’s new music video defies convention with the Samsung Galaxy S8

We’re a nation of innovators. Small but mighty, we Kiwis are population of thinkers, visionaries, inventors, and trend-setters. So, when the opportunity arose to reformat how music videos were filmed, we were only too happy to provide the setting for a truly creative collaboration of the most innovative kind.

Guests at the Remix 20th Anniversary ball may not have known that they were witnessing history. A project between Ladi6, Samsung and Garth Badger was unfolding before their very eyes. Our exclusive VIP’s were privy to a truly unique performance that would have a lasting impact and challenge the way the industry captures music videos.

This video project was conceptualised to take advantage of the superior camera quality and lowlight function of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Strategically set in amongst the band and around the stage, eight Galaxy S8 smartphones captured interesting perspectives of Ladi6’s dynamic performance during the Remix ball.

Each frame captured was then seamlessly woven together to the tune of Ladi6’s newest track, ‘Outta Time’, which features on her highly anticipated Royal Blue 3000 EP which dropped last week.

Before executing the project, Ladi6, her producer, and photographer Garth Badger met up with the Samsung team to bounce ideas around on how they could incorporate the Galaxy S8’s technology in a creative way to Ladi6’s live performance.

‘We were really into the idea of using the Galaxy S8 camera in a completely new way to make a visual for ‘Outta Time’,’ says Ladi6 producer Parks. "The sound of the EP is kind of inspired by technology and electronics, so it makes sense with what we are doing creatively.’

These innovators brought their A-game when it came to presenting Ladi6’s newest track in a way that had never been done before.

‘The phones were hidden in and around the stage during an actual live performance and set to record,’ photographer and director Garth Badger says.

‘The smartphones are small and unobtrusive, unlike what we usually shoot on, so they went unnoticed by the audience and didn’t distract from the performance,’ he explains.

‘This meant the content we captured was very natural and true to the spirit of a live performance –  as a viewer I think you can get a sense of moving around the live performance, you can appreciate each band members contribution from different angles.’

While it’s not news that Ladi6’s band love to flex their creative muscle on stage, this a totally new direction for the music industry. Ladi6’s ‘The Alpha Sessions’ have become synonymous with how the band seeks inspiration via improvisation while performing in front of their fans, and the track ‘Outta Time’ was conceived during these highly innovative, nationwide series of shows.

With a new means of recording a music video under their belt, we’re predicting Ladi6 and her band will be at the forefront of musical innovation moving forward. And if Samsung has anything to do with it, we can guarantee it’s going to be good.

Check out the incredible result, here:

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