Harley Quinn will star in her own Suicide Squad spin off

It’s safe to say the release of Suicide Squad this year got most of us caught up in the world of Marvel. With a killer line-up of characters, what was there not to love about the film? Suicide Squad has got us on the verge of obsessed.  
One character who seemed to steal the show of the film was troublemaker Harley Quinn. Full of attitude with a badass reputation, Harley made bad look so good.  

It’s confirmed that we’ll be seeing more of the bad we love, as the character will feature in her own film. Yep, that’s right, Harley’s got her own movie! 

With an all-star cast of new and familiar DC villains and heroes, such as Batgirl and The Huntress, we’re sure that Harley Quinn will make another lasting impression on us.  

Blonde bombshell Margot Robbie will be acting again as Harley in the film and she will also be producing it. It’s said that she pitched and developed the idea to Warner Bros herself and thank god for that. Give us more.

With a line up of releases by Warner Bros including Man of Steel 2, Batman and Justice League, we’ll be in for a bit of a wait. But let’s not forget that the months of anticipation for Suicide Squad were totally worth it.

Until then, we’ll be waiting for her patiently…