Grabaseat To Vegas Part 2: The Return

So the Vegas that doesn't have a 'Roto' in front of it is pretty renowned for its sensational party vibe, and last year Grabaseat flew 700 Kiwis to this American hot spot for the Mother of All Parties. Good news is, Grabaseat is doing it all again, and you could be treating yourself to five days of Las Vegas craziness! Whether you’re into the nightlife, the gambling, the shopping or the getting-married-to-somebody-you-just-met-twenty-minutes-ago, Sin City has something for everyone. For the five days in Vegas, you’ll be free to roam the streets and cause as much trouble as you can. Grabaseat will make sure you have a roof over your head at the fantastic 'Tropicana' when you eventually decide to get some sleep, and they’ll throw you a pool party so big that from that day forward, Vegas locals will shudder every time they hear the words ‘New Zealander’. The deal is on now from $2499 including direct flights to Vegas, transfers, four nights accommodation at Tropicana plus the best pool party of the year. Find out more and grab your tickets here!