WIN: Summer refreshments for you & your crew

Words by Larissa Jenkins

To prolong those winter days: We’ve got 10 packs of Höpt soda to give away this month!

If you haven’t tried them yet, now’s the time. The crew at Höpt have decided it’s too soon to kiss goodbye to summer, so they’re giving you a chance to drag out those summer feels with 10 free packs of Höpt soda! These delicious sodas contain less than half the sugar of your regular soft drink, and are available in four refreshing flavours: Watermelon and Mint, Salted Lychee, Elderberry, and Pear and Basil. Treat them as a crisp and healthier alternative to your typical mixers, or simply enjoy them on their own over ice. Either way, you’ll be able to taste the flavours of summer all year round – that is unless you smash through these bad boys in the first few months like we’d half expect you to. Click here to find out more about these delicious refreshments

Here’s how to enter to win in two simple steps:

  1. Like the Höpt Soda Facebook page here
  2. Tag yourself in this picture on either the Remix Facebook or Hopt Facebook
Once you’ve done this you’ll instantly be in the draw to win. Make sure to tell your mates, but only if they’re the sharing types.