Prince Phillip Retires From Royal Duties

At the age of 95, Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is to step down from his royal duties this autumn. His decision to decline invitations for public engagement will commence in September, according to the palace. This farewells the prince's sixty years of public service, where many of us experienced his occasional communication blunders and lively statements. Prince Phillip will indeed be missed. 

The Queen supports the prince's decision and describes him as her "strength and stay". Despite his retirement from public services, the Queen will continue her duties supported by the royal family. 

The prince's decision was made after a meeting including all senior royal staff of Buckingham Palace. Prince Phillip is to turn 96 next month and will attend previously organised engagements throughout August by the Queen's side. After September, he will decline all other invites unless he feels otherwise.

Following his the announcement, British Prime Minister Theresa May has released a statement offering the country's deepest gratitude and good wishes for his decision.

Despite the public devastation following his announcement, the prince "deserves a rest", according to Royal commentator Kate Williams, considering his title as the longest-serving royal consort. 

Time for a hot cuppa in tribute of Prince Phillip I say!

Image credits: Evening Standard, The Indian Express, Insider, ABC