Why dancing is good for your body, health and soul

We're all guilty of breakin' it down and booty poppin' when no one's around. Shaking it off to the latest T-Swizzle has never sounded so appealing with these 10 benefits of dancing! After all, having a dance isn't just good for the dance floor- it's beneficial to our body, health and soul. Here is why you should slip into your dancing shoes more often!

  1. It improves your emotional health- It's no lie that dancing can improve your mood, but it's actually scientifically proven to fight stress, anxiety as well as depression. A study from the 'Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine', was conducted on 112 teenage girls who suffered poor mental health where half of the girls attended weekly dance classes, while the other half didn't. Those who took the classes reported that they noticed a mood boost which lasted months even after they stopped dancing.
  2. It alleviates insomnia- If you're finding yourself twisting and turning at night, save that for the dance floor! One hour of dancing can burn up to 500 calories, helping you relax and get a deeper and longer sleep.
  3. It improves creativity- There are no rules in dance, which can help spark your artistic side.
  4. It fights ageing- It's often said that dance helps you age gracefully. Whether it is in happy spirits, an amazing posture or fountains full of energy, dance can make you feel and look fresher and younger!
  5. It improves posture- Dancing works your back muscle which means stronger support for your spine. 
  6. It builds self-confidence- Maybe it takes a few glasses of bubbly, but moving your body freely can liberate you and free your inner Beyonce.
  7. It's contagious- Who's going to stand still while the whole room is dancing? Think of it like passing on a smile. 
  8. It doesn't feel like exercise- No one goes home after a big Saturday night, complaining about all the dancing they did. There are so many variations of dance that it'll never get boring or feel like a workout. 
  9. It's good for your brain- Dancing helps improve your memory and brain power. It can also prevent the development of dementia. Win, win. 
  10. It's soul food- Above all other forms of exercise, dancing releases the most endorphins. It prompts an emotional release of happiness.
  11. It's fun- And you can't deny it.


photo credit: imdb.com