13 Reasons Why we're excited for Season 2!

It's not surprising Netflix's young-adult drama 13 Reasons Why has been picked up for a second season. The cult TV show has become the most-Tweeted Netflix show to date, and has caused a stir with its graphic depiction of suicide. 

Executive Producer Selena Gomez announced the second season via her Instagram, teasing viewers with its eerie trailer. 


Their story isn't over. Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy is coming.

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While we don't know exact dates yet, we do know that the second seasion will be released at some point in 2018 (we're hoping sooner rather than later!). 

The first season had us hooked, and left us with so many questions. Here's 13 questions we need answers to, stat. 

1. We need more Clay. Loveable, adorkable Clay. Does he find peace?

2. I need to know what the heck happened to Alex!? Did he commit suicide? Was he shot?

3. WHAT is Mr. Porter going to do with the tapes? Pass them on? Destroy them? Keep them?

4. Is Sheri going to jail? We know that she turned herself in, but does this mean time in the slammer?

5. What does Tony have to do with any of this? Why did Hannah trust him with the tapes in the first place?

6. Where did Justin go? Does he come back? Will he and Jessica get back together?

7. Speaking of Jessica, how does her father react when she tells him she’s been raped?

8. Are Mr and Mrs Baker going to find peace? A resolution? How do they react then they listen to the tapes and hear their Hannah’s account of who was responsible for her death?

9. Similarly, what happens with the lawsuit? Does the school take responsibility? Will Hannah’s parents take a payday?

10. What the heck was Tyler doing with all those guns? Why the photography lab? Rumours on the inter-web say that he was planning a school shooting, could this be the plot for a second season?

11. Does Courtney finally come out to her family and friends?

12. Will Bryce go to jail? Will he pay for what he did?

13. What is up with Skye (the emo barista) and what’s her background with Clay?

Check out the season 2 trailer here: 

Roll on 2018!