5 of the best new Netflix shows right now

I feel like when it comes to picking TV shows, there are two types of people: the person who spends longer trying to pick something than actually watching it, or the person who continually reverts back to their comfort show (for me, that's always Friends). TV shows require some serious time-commitment, so if you need some recommendations rather than taking a blind leap of faith, here are our tried-and-trued suggestions:


The Society

Riverdale meet Lords of the FliesThe Society is the new must-watch show. After everyone but the teens of a small town disappear after they come back from a school trip, they need to fend for themselves and sometimes from themselves in order to survive. Supplies are limited, mysteries are aplenty and drama is guaranteed, as you'd expect with teenagers. And things take a drastic turn pretty fast when they have to reinforce order.


Black Mirror Season 5

Season 5 of the TV show that makes us perpetually scared of our phones is returning very soon. Black Mirror's fifth season features three episodes filled with the well-known and loved techno-paranoia the series is known for. I'm especially excited for Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, starring Miley Cyrus as a picture-perfect pop star whose life isn't as pretty as it seems. Smithereens, the first episode, follows Andrew Scott as a cab driver with an agenda that rapidly becomes the centre of attention as things, of course, spiral out of control. Finally, the season ends with Striking Vipers, where Anthony Mackie reunites with an estranged college friend, triggering a series of events that change his life forever.


What If

Anne Montgomery may be played by the same actress, but she is far from being the clumsy Bridget Jones. In this miniseries, Renée Zellweger plays a wealthy venture capitalist that takes an interest in Lisa (Jane Levy) and her husband Sean (Blake Jenner)'s company and wants to invest in it. However, Anne's single condition is a bit… sketch. As the series unravels, more secrets are revealed and more mysteries surfaced. Although I haven't watched it, two of my coworkers recommended it as soon as I said I was working on this article, so I'm trusting it's pretty good.


Derry Girls

This one's been floating around Netflix's catalogue for a while now, but I felt obligated to include it since I want more viewership so this can keep being renewed, ideally forever. Derry Girls is the perfect teenage sitcom. Hear me out: a group of girls (and a token boy) living in a Northern Irish town located in Ireland's sectarian conflict, attending Catholic school where nuns are the Big Brother, navigating through the excruciatingly comedic journey of teenhood. All peppered with fantastic accents and Irish slang. If there's a time to listen to a stranger on the Internet, that time is now, and that stranger is me.



The seven fifteen-minute episodes that comprise Bonding make it for a perfect quick binge. A dominatrix (Zoe Levin) hires her friend (Brandon Scannell) as muscle and general assistance, and we get a glimpse on their lives. It's fun, it's short, it's sex-positive, it's got hefty doses of dark humour. It's my perfect cup of tea.