Emma Watson sings in latest Beauty and the Beast teaser

Fans are going nuts after Disney released another extended clip from their upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast starring our favourite girl boss, Emma Watson.

Lovers of the original 1991 film have rapidly responded to the teaser, acknowledging the diversity between the opening scenes where Emma portrays the gracious Belle greeting the villagers with her exceptional vocals. 

It seems like Emma has tucked away her strikingly-listenable pipes during her time as the bright and beautiful witch, Hermione?!

Comparisons that have been carefully picked out by admirers of the fairytale include more women appearing in the opening scene and Belle reading a different book than in the first film. 

Apart from that, we must admit that Disney has most definitely impressed us with their identical characters and scenery, making us more eager to see the real-deal!

The film is set to hit cinemas on March 30 in NZ so be sure to go experience it for yourself!  

Check out the side-by-side trailer of the 1991 film vs. the 2017 below!