Woman Crush Wednesday: Rachel Winter’s Beauty Secrets

Rachel Winter is one of those girls whose beauty is hard to ignore. Flowing blonde locks frame her petite features beautifully, which include an enviable pout and ‘come hither’ eyes.

But what you may not be lucky know about Rachel Winter is she’s one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet. Sweet, polite, and eternally friendly, Rachel’s inner beauty is hard to ignore.

She’s also the social media-savvy brains behind Trelise Cooper’s digital platforms, has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, is a commercial model, and the creative force behind her blog of the same name, focusing on all things fashion, beauty, health, food and travel.

For this Auckland-based blogger, life is nothing but a juggling act. And it’s these same expert juggling skills that earned her place as this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday.

Eager to answer the questions on everyone’s lips: what’s her secret? We followed Rachel for a day to discover how she stays #flawless all day.


8.00am – After moisturising, Rachel reaches for the concealer that lasts longer than she does – Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer. Offering medium coverage, this handy cushion applicator allows for perfect blendability while letting the skin to breathe. Daubing gently under her eyes and on any minor imperfections, Rachel follows this by applying Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation all over her face. Equal parts longwearing and lightweight, the skin-perfecting formula provides medium coverage and moisturises for up 25 hours. Rachel finishes her look with a swipe of lip gloss.

8.15am – #Flawless and ready for a busy day, Rachel heads out of the house.

8.25am – Keeping up with her 9,000 Instagram followers requires Rachel to be always ‘on’, so she grabs a coffee at her local while posting social media updates.

12.30pm – Freshening up with a quick dress change, Rachel catches up with her besties over lunch at Longroom. With her morning’s makeup still going strong, the only touch-up she needs is a lick of lipstick and she’s good to go.

6.30pm – With a full day’s work under her belt, Rachel prepares for date night by upping the ante on her beauty look. Still with the same base she applied this morning, her night time glamour looks calls for a swipe of liquid eyeliner and a little of Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer under her eyes. Not having to re-do her entire base has saved Rachel precious time, meaning she can enjoy a glass of Rose before dinner!

7.30pm – Dashing out to Gypsy Caravan to meet her beau, Rachel’s makeup hasn’t moved an inch all day! Her longest lasting look so far is every bit as chic as her night-time glam outfit.

Beauty buffs and makeup newbies alike will delight over Rimmel’s fail-proof Lasting Finish Breathable range of foundation and concealer, perfect for the on-the-go girl who needs her beauty look to last longer than she can!

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