Environs #RadianceRevolution is saving our skin!

Having rectified most of my facial faux pas' from my teens and early 20s (cakeface and super skinny eyebrows, anyone?), one of my main appearance woes was something I had almost given up on fixing; my less-than-flawless skin. I have uneven skin tone that just WON’T quit, dullness, pigmentation – mostly dark spots due to old acne from the days of cakeface and hormones – and on top of that, I’m getting my first signs of sun damage and aging. Being a firm believer that skincare is more important than makeup, I’ve tried all manner of creams and magic potions so I don’t have to use half a tube of concealer on my face every time I leave the damn house, but all to no avail, at least not long-term. UNTIL NOW.

Introducing Environ’s new Focus Care Radiance+ range, which answers all my current skin problems and might just fix yours too! The products comprise a three-step system inhibiting the six steps that ultimately lead to hyperpigmentation.


Step One: Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion

Mhmmmm this lotion makes you feel like a luxe princess. The sleek formulation immediately brightens, evens skin tone and clarifies signs of sun damage, leaving you feeling radiant and fresh.


Step Two: Vita-Botanical Mela-Face Serum System

On top of your freshly even skin, add this double action, vitamin C powered serum, using a potent blend of vitamins and minerals to further improve the appearance of skin tone and target pigmentation and dark spots!


Step Three: Intense C-boost Mela-Even Cream

Solidify the #RadianceRevolution process and add a healthy glow to your skin! The cream further evens, brightens and reverses sun damage as well as plumping up skin – goodbye fine lines!


All the technology and vitamins thoughtfully incorporated into this range mean these products provide a real fix, not just a quick fix. Use these products twice daily and revel in the results – I know I will!


Kiss your pigmentation and frustrating skin tone goodbye, team! Get started here.