10 beauty secrets you NEED to know!

Makeup is an essential part of nearly every woman's daily routine however, there are so many different brands that we ‘should’ use and so many different techniques to applying makeup so, unless you're an expert, the whole thing becomes pretty confusing. So to help you out, we've done some digging - here's 10 of the best beauty secrets to help you be a pro!

1. Test foundation on your neck, not your cheek.

The skin on your face is different to the skin on the rest of your body, due to sun exposure and breakouts. If you try to colour match on your cheek, you might end up with a foundation that has a slightly different colour to the rest of your body!

2. Apply concealer after foundation

You end up using less concealer too!

3. Use foundation, concealer and setting powder to cover pimples

Use in this order, it will stay on for longer and you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing those pimples!

4. Don’t bronze your whole face

Rather, apply it in the shape of a '3' over you forehead, cheek and jawline.

5. Wash your brushes weekly

This will not only improve your makeup application but it gets rid of bacteria and germs which can cause breakouts.

6. Don’t pull your eyelid when applying eyeliner

Your skin is very delicate around the eye and it can damage the skin’s elasticity. Instead, draw a rough line and go over it with a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover to sharpen the edges.

7.  If you have oily skin, don’t use product with shimmer

This will just make your face appear shinier. Try using matte bronzers, blushes and a concealer that’s one shade lighter to give you the same effect.

8. Pat your foundation

Applying your foundation in upward strokes makes the little hairs on your face more visible. Try patting your foundation with a brush or sponge to give a more airbrushed look.

9. Use a mattifying gel moisturiser if you have oily skin

Using this will reduce shine and keep your skin hydrated

10. When filling or shaping brows, stand at least a foot away from the mirror

When seeing your brows from a distance, it can make you fill or shape them better