Why you may never want to use pore strips again

Nothing is more satisfying than peeling off a pore strip and watching all the nasties come out of your skin. But are pore strips really as good for your skin as they feel? You may want to think twice about sticking that strip across your nose next time you're having a pamper night because this method of blackhead removal may be causing you more trouble than its worth.

Our five reasons to stay away from the strips... 

1. There is a risk of scarring
Pore strips are coated with a sticky side that attaches to the blackheads in your skin. Often the strip will pull off much more than just blackheads off your face, such as skin. This can result in scarring and broken capillaries, especially on thinner skin around the base of your nose. 

2. Bad news for those with sensitive skin
Pore strips have the potential to exacerbate skin conditions as they can be drying, especially if they contain ingredients like menthol. 

3. Your blackheads are still in there
Often, pore strips only pull out the top half of your blackhead, as well as healthy skin cells. Therefore your pores may seem larger than before because they are not exposed. Even if you do manage to take out the whole blackhead, they will return faster if they are unexpectedly yanked out of your face.

4. Say goodbye to your natural oils
They remove blackheads, skin and most importantly your natural oils. These essential oils help balance your skin and give you that extra glow. Removing these oils can ruin your skin's ability to lock in the moisture.

5. Vulnerable pores
Because pore strips can open up your pores, they become more likely to trap in dirt and bacteria which causes infection. 


photo credit: chauncyschool.com