How GROOL is this Mean Girls makeup collab!?

OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR BRUSHES WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?! UK brand Spectrum Collections are about to release a Mean Girls themed makeup brush set, and we are too excited to function! 

Spectrum makes all of our sparkly makeup brush dreams come true, but they have basically made 'Fetch' happen with this collab. The ten ombré brushes in pink (duh!) are stamped with all our favourite iconic Mean Girls quotes. As if that wasn't enough, the brushes come in a BURN BOOK case! Yassssss!

Unfortunately, Spectrum has already pre-sold out of the Mean Girls collection ahead of its release on August 30th. We can't wait to channel our inner plastic and maybe look 'even hotter than Regina George', but all things come to those who wait.

Stay grool, plastics. 

Images: Instagram/ @spectrumcollections