Watch; three festival hairstyles you can create at home with Cloud Nine

It’s that time of year again, when the music festival FOMO gets so out of hand that we find ourselves wanting to update our hairstyles immediately. Well luckily for you, in conjunction with Cloud Nine and Lauren Gunn, we’ve created three festival looks you can easily create from the comfort of your own home this silly season… 

From neon pigtails to floral masterpieces, it’s time to go forth and channel your inner festival goddess. Here’s all the hairstyle inspo you would ever need this summer… 

Look 1 - High Pigtails

How to create a simple neon pigtail at home | Channel your inner Harley Quinn this summer. Here’s how to create a simple neon pigtail look at home with the help of Cloud Nine … | By Remix MagazineFacebook

What you’ll need: Evo Icon Welder, Cloud Nine Original Iron, sharp pair of scissors 

  1. Prep hair by spraying with Evo Icon Welder heat protection spray
  2. Clip hair into a perfect centre part 
  3. Using the Cloud Nine Original Iron on 195 degrees, make hair dead straight
  4. Tie hair up into two high, tight pigtails using elastic ties
  5. Add coloured hair extensions over top of each pigtail (option: use double-sided tape to make this really easy)
  6. Run the Cloud Nine Original Iron over the hair extensions
  7. Cut the ends of the hair extensions to your preferred length using a sharp pair of scissors or some mini clippers.

Look 2 - Wildflower Waves

How to create wildflower waves... | Beachy waves? Check. Festive flowers? Check. The prettiest way to wear your hair this festive season? Triple check. Here’s how to use your Cloud Nine... | By Remix MagazineFacebook

What you’ll need: Cloud Nine Touch Iron, Cloud Nine Air Shot Dryer, Cloud Nine Wide-Toothed Luxury Texture Comb, Evo Icon Welder, Evo Mister Fantastic, Evo Miss Malleable, Evo Shebang-A-Bang, Evo Love Touch, wild flowers

  1. Spritz Evo Icon Welder Heat Protectant Spray through hair
  2. Spray Evo Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray thoroughly through hair
  3. Split hair into four vertical sections from a centre part with two sections at the back and one section in front of each ear.
  4. Roughly dutch braid each section and secure each braid with a hair tie
  5. Spray each braid with Evo Miss Malleable Flexible Hairspray to create extra hold
  6. Using the Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer, heat the base of each braid
  7. Activate the lower temperature setting of 165 degrees on your Cloud Nine Touch Iron by tapping the irons together three times, then run down each braid slowly until they are pressed and hot.
  8. Leave braids to cool, lightly curl the ends using the Cloud Nine Touch Iron then take out the braids and comb through with a Cloud Nine Luxury Texture comb to separate the curl.
  9. Place wild flowers throughout hair, spraying Evo Shebang-A-Bang as you go to hold flowers in place
  10. Once all flowers are placed, spray hair heavily with Evo Shebang-A-Bang for texture and hold. This will help to keep your blooms in place.
  11. Lightly spray hair ends with Evo Love Touch to add shine.

Look 3 - Half-up Braided Waves 

How to create a high half-pony... | A high half-pony is always très chic. Here’s how to elevate your high-pony game this festy season with Cloud Nine… | By Remix MagazineFacebook

What you’ll need: Cloud Nine Wide Iron, Cloud Nine Luxury Texture comb, optional: hair extension

  1. Prep the hair with Evo Icon Welder and Mister Fantastic Blow-out Spray. 
  2. Take a top section of hair from temple to temple and micro-braid it tightly into three braids, pulling them back to the crown and securing with an elastic to create a half ponytail.
  3. With all hair left out of the ponytail, take one-inch sections and create wide waves using the Cloud Nine Wide Iron on a diagonal slant.
  4. If desired, a hair extension can be added to the ponytail, giving extra volume. 
  5. Repeat step three with the half ponytail and tie a colourful ribbon around the base. Add some light backcombing to finish it off using a Cloud Nine Luxury Texture comb.

Shake out the rest of the waves with your fingertips and set the texture with Evo Miss Malleable Flexible Hold Spray

Model: Sienna from Unique Model Management

Hairstylist: Lauren from colleen

Video and Photography: Mark Leedom

@colleen_colleen (salon)