Products that will save your hair this winter

Products you need in your winter hair care arsenal… 

Winter’s aggressively cold weather and wind is known to suck the moisture out of everything from your hair to your skin. With the dropping temperatures and the simultaneous blasting of indoor heaters doing your locks no favours either. The problem with winter hair is that what feels like temporary dryness can turn into irreversible damage by spring, leaving you no choice but to chop your hair off. Flyaways, static, dry scalp, fizzy ends, and brittle hair are tell-tale signs that Jack Frost has done you wrong. Luckily you can outwit the elements by treating your tresses to a weather-proofing routine. 


For blondes:

Those with lighter locks know keeping your hair moisturised is already no simple feat. This is where Joico’s Blonde Life Brightening Masque will be your best friend. This 5-minute masque hydrates and softens while eliminating any signs of dullness, by detoxifying the hair removing any brassy tones. Combining rich exotic oils such as tamanu, monoi and arginine to ensure grease-free hydration.

To control that freaky frizz that erupts during the harsh humidity, the Blonde Life Brightening Veil - UV & thermal defence multitasker spray will work magic. Think of it as a barrier for your precious strands protecting them from any thermal, UV and chemical damage while adding shine and strengthening hair from the inside out.


For coloured hair:

K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock spray is a coloured hair girls dream. This product gives hair instant shine and is a repair miracle for colour-treated hair giving out-of-this-world vibrancy while providing deep repair and illuminating shine. The product contains a unique blend of silk, soy and seaweed that allows a slip to prevent damage during styling.

The K-PAK Colour Luster Lock Multi-Perfector fuses the hydrating benefits of exotic oils with a unique, damage-control formula—safeguarding gorgeous hair colour for healthy-looking, strong, shiny hair. Use this daily for the shine & protection your hair deserves. 

For all hair types:

It’s all in the name, the Defy Damage Protective Masque gives you everything you could wish for in a masque. The masques bond strengthening qualities promises less breakage and more protection from heat styling. Giving the hair has an instant softness and shine... the kind you can see and feel.

Taming your hair in winter may result in attacking it with blow dryers curling and straightening tools. There is no reason to stress about breakage with the Defy Damage Protective Shield. Guarding against colour fade and environmental pollution, allowing for beautiful, vibrant, healthy-looking hair.


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