Urban Decay launches their first skincare line

As a brand, Urban Decay is synonymous with majestic rainbow palettes and beautifully pigmented nude eye shadows…  But there's a plot twist for all you beauty gurus out there!

Urban Decay Cosmetics have announced their first line up of products that will have your skin ultra-prepped for a night out.  Your skincare routine is going to get a lot more flashy!

The Rehab Makeup Prep collection includes six products to “scrub, cleanse, revitalise and hydrate”  skin, after the brand released a cheeky teaser on Instagram. 


The essentials are:

• Pretty Gritty Skin Polish - made with rose-hip-seed powder and coconut oil for exfoliation and hydration

• Hot Springs Hydration Gel - to work that moisturising magic

• Oxygenated Bubble Mask - after that natural glow? Brighten your skin with a fun face mask

• Pore Refining Peel - made with plant extracts to clear and rejuvenate your skin

• Moisture Layer Eye Roller - get rid of those puffy eyes

• Lip Love - formulated with nourishing shea butter for a little extra TLC 

And there’s more!

Another line, called the Meltdown Makeup Removers include a dissolving spray, cleansing oil stick and lip oil stick to remove your makeup easily at the end of the day.

We are yet to get our hands on these lines, but they most definitely be a purchase we won’t regret!