The #1 hair mistake you've been making all along

Prepping yourself for a night out on the tiles often involves some kind of fake tanning product, a generous application of makeup, followed by either straightening or curling your locks to ensure not a hair is out of place all night long. 

But what you may not realise is if you're not protecting and restoring your tresses before and after heat treating, then you could be doing more harm than good. Hair catching at the end of your hairbrush? Littered all over the floor in your bathroom/bedroom/car? All tell-tale signs of undernourished, dry or damaged locks, made worse by heat treating more than once a week.

Before you rush out to the salon for an intense Keratin-based treatment - consider this you new haircare hero. 

Famous the world over for offering long-lasting transformations that save every last strand of hair, Goldwell have added a new hair saviour to their Kerasilk range - the Kerasilk Reconstruct Restorative Balm.

Each and every product in the Kerasilk range uses Goldwell-exclusive technology, fused with high-end ingredients that actively interact with the hair's structure.

Committed to providing consumers with salon-quality homecare products, Goldwell bottle up some of the magic we can only dream of achieving during a salon visit. Ever tried to recreate your blowout at home? We have, it's hard. 

Charged with active ingredients Keratin and Hyaloveil™, Kerasilk Reconstruct Restorative Balm works to improve the elasticity of hair, while preventing dryness and breakage. It also boycotts heat damage leaving hair silky smooth and happier than it’s ever been.

Apply to washed, towel-dried hair and let it work its magic. Don’t believe us? Try it!

Image source: Blo Haute