Ways to protect your skin when wearing face masks

A mass majority of us have been protecting ourselves from coronavirus by covering our faces with masks. And while this is an effective way to prevent the spread of a virus, when wearing it while out and about on the regular could cause chaos for our skin. 


Guys, ‘maskne’ is real along with irritated skin. Here are some ways in keeping your skin healthy and glowing all the while still wearing your masks...


Squeaky clean masks

Wearing masks throughout your day may cause sweating and that sweat can get trapped under your masks. The sweat can cause skin problems such as acne and blocking your pores. To avoid building up nasties on your skin, think about the last time you wore your current mask. When was it last washed? Or, how many times has this disposable mask been worn? Reusable masks should be washed frequently to avoid irritation on your skin. 


Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse!

I cannot stress this one enough. Wearing your mask or not, this is vital as a part of your skincare routine. Make sure you double cleanse your skin. As the saying goes, “your body is your temple.”, so treat your skin like one! Hydrate your skin by using toners and serums before you jump into bed - it’ll transform your skin.


Night Cream or Moisturiser

This could be a no-brainer, but sometimes we can forget to treat our skin with moisturiser. Wearing a mask can lead our skin to be dry due to the lack of air being allowed into the area. To combat such irritation, it’s important to soothe your skin overnight with some rich night cream or moisturiser suited to your skin. 


Protect yourself from ‘SULA’

If you’ve watched Emma Robert's “Wild Child” you would’ve heard of the ‘SULA’ - sweaty upper lip alert. To prevent this from happening with all that sweat being built up underneath the skin (gross) is to skip makeup altogether. But we all like to look put-together with a tinge of foundation and mascara sometimes, so arm yourself with the right type of product to prevent unwanted shine. I would suggest setting the makeup with setting spray and once you’re out, bring with you some powder and/or blotting sheets! Preparation is key!


Pucker up

Finally, don’t forget your lips. I must admit, dry lips are neither fun or a good look and it must be doused in a lip balm of some sort. To keep your lips hydrated and plump, apply a hydrating lip balm throughout the day and also during the evening. If you really want to step up your game, apply a gentle lip scrub to brush away any dead skin cells, along with a balm!