Joico’s Defy Damage Bond Building Range Offers the Ultimate Protection for the Summer Season

With the summer season in full swing, not only have we been subject to harsh UV rays while lounging around in the sun (not mad about it), but we city dwellers have also been subject to that grimy city air. Although we have grown used to protecting our skin from harmful UV damage and environmental pollution, we often forget that our hair requires the same vigorous protection too. 

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Joico’s Defy Damage Bond Building range offers the perfect protection against the detrimental impacts of UV rays and environmental pollution. A true warrior against hair damage, Joico’s range works to shield hair, helping to prevent damage and preserve the vibrant colour of our hair.

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For the girls on the tools, Joico’s Defy Damage Bond Building Shield strengthens and fortifies the hair when applied before styling. This means that no matter the occasion, our hair remains healthy and happy.