How to fit skincare into a busy schedule

We are all well aware of how important proper skincare is. Unfortunately, knowing does not always equate to doing. It can seem nearly impossible to maintain a healthy balance between work, social engagements, exercise and an endless list of other things we know we should be doing. Faced with never-ending to do lists, unfortunately, skincare often falls by the wayside. Enter, Clinique’s Pep-Start range.

Pep-Start is the ultimate in simple, effective beauty for the modern woman. When life comes before pampering, we need products that don’t take a ton of time but do have maximum impact on our skin. Top hair stylist Chloe Zara  and inspirational blogger Jess Quinn  of Limbitless  are both avid fans of the line, which they have both incorporated seamlessly into their skincare regimens.


Chloe Zara and Jess Quinn use Pep-Start:

To start the day right


Starting The Day Right With @cliniquenz #PepStart .. #skincare #cliniquenz #beautyfiles

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To create a flawless canvas pre-makeup


Friday Night Prep ? .. @cliniquenz #PepStart #SkinCare #Clinique #BeautyFiles

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And post-workout to freshen up their skin


Afternoon Gym Workout Complete With @cliniquenz.. #Pepstart #Clinique #Beautyfiles

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