How to avoid skin S.O.S this summer

It’s the tell-tale of a lax attitude and a light hand – sun burn. Not only is it the unsightly mark of NZ’s shocking state of an ozone layer, but deep down it’s causing your skin some serious damage.

Blame your friend for not rubbing it in properly or the sea for washing it off when you went for a post-lunch dip, there’s a reason why red means stop.

Lucky for us then, that Shiseido has impressed us yet again with their innovative sun care science that keeps our skin more radiant and sun safe. The new Sports BB Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ WetForce offers a light and natural BB tinted sunscreen, featuring WetForce technology that acts as a powerful shield against the suns UV rays even when in contact with water or perspiration.

So, whether you are taking a dip in the ocean or sweating up a storm on a hot one, this beach bag essential reassures us that our skin will stay out of harm's way.

It also comes in handy for those of us who dread the overly-ripe-tomato-face during a workout in public. The tinted sunscreen boycotts this by offering long-lasting, light coverage that provides an even skin tone.

Similarly, Shiseido's Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ also integrates WetForce technology with their signature SuperVeil-UV technology. In its most basic form, this technology enables a UV-protective veil or shield over our skin refraining any UV rays from reaching deep within our skin when it comes into contact with water or perspiration.

To activate the WetForce technology, Shiseido recommends to expose the applied area to perspiration or water for 30 minutes, this puts the sunscreen’s UV protection veil into full gear.

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