Eye Of Horus

EOH MascaraMimi Kelly is the artistic director/owner of Killer Hair, Newton. She’s an award-winning hair colourist and makeup artist. Every week Mimi will be doing what she does best ... give her opinion. It's undeniable the ancient Egyptians got this whole make up and beauty thing started oh so long ago. The symbol of the Eye of Horus, used for regeneration, health and protection, is an image that sits well with the ethos of this new and interesting make up company. I met with young Melbourne based beauty entrepreneur's Holly and Amy to talk about how these childhood besties took a dream to stocking their brand in over 160 Australian retailers. Holly was very skin senstitve and she was passionate for finding natural remedys and non harmful ingredients. From here, Eye of Horus was born.  research non harmful ingredients. From a shared fascination with all things Egyptian they started to look into what was used in the eye makeup that original wonder woman Cleopatra would have worn. So to market was their first product: Eye of Horus natural mascara $44. Using rice bran and bees wax as a base, the product is non irritant and stays put. Women who previously were unable to wear eye make up due to irritability put the word out there, and this product has grown fast. Soon to follow was Natural Smokey eye pencil $39. Again this is made from natural waxes and oils and won't irritate eyes and like the mascara is budge proof and paraben free. The last product in the collection is Liquid Define $39 a pen applicator liquid eyeliner that is super easy to use. Most importantly these eye make up products are AMAZING!!! I have been using them for 3 weeks now and I at the time I was sure I was using the best mascara on the market, until Eye of Horus came into my life. This is fabulous, black as black can be, with a natural shine. I swear my lashes feel all the better for wearing it. You can get a very natural look with a nice light coat or build up with a wiggle of the flexible brush at the root and a deep brush through. It's true, it doesn't move a bit. Im wearing the smokey pencil under the eye, smudging with the spongy tip and then blending with a bronze brown shadow, it gives a wonderful 'stay all day dramatic but not westie look.' It would work brilliantly on the lid also for a more classic smokey eye look. They were unable to create the liquid define pen with the same natural base however this product is still outstanding in other ways. It's the blackest black I have ever used and dries in an instant. It has major staying power, I have applied it at 7.30 am and it still looks good at 9pm! I love Eye Of Horus so much I'm looking onto stocking it in my salon. Currently available online www.eyeofhorus.net.nz