5 Skin Care Secrets Every NZFW Model Knows

To an outsider, sashaying down the runway in top-to-toe designer finery may seem like the most glamorous existence known to man. But to models themselves, the reality of their runway strut during Fashion Week comes with hours of hair and makeup, day after day, for five days straight.

This ‘rinse and repeat’ makeup application would wreak havoc on any normal person’s skin, let alone the gods and goddesses we see on the runway.

But this year, NZFW model and Remix Fashion Editor, Laura Snelling, had a secret weapon to keep her skin looking and feeling fresh.

Cue Manuka Doctor’s range of skincare products, that work to rejuvenate, clear, nourish, and revitalise skin’s appearance.

Every day during NZFW, Laura incorporated Manuka Doctor products into her morning regimen, to prep her skin for a busy day off and on the runway.


To kickstart her week at NZFW, Laura worked with the Manuka Doctor ApiClear range to reduce blemishes and balance troubled skin. First, she applied the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Foam Cleanser, followed by Manuka Dr ApiClear Purifying Facial Toner to refresh her visage. Next, the Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Age Defying Eye Cream kept the skin surrounding her peepers nourished, while the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum hydrated the rest of her face. Laura followed this by applying the Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Skin Repair Cream, and smoothed over the ApiRefine Flawless Primer, readying her skin for makeup application later in the day.


Laura knows that all that glitters must be gold, so today she tried the Manuka Doctor 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Range, a luxurious range of beauty oils formulated with 24K Gold & Manuka Honey to visibly brighten, firm and hydrate, while leaving skin glowing and soft. Starting with clean skin, Laura rolled on the Manuak Doctor 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Eye Oil, and followed this with the Manuka Doctor 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil. Lastly, a lashing of the Manuka Doctor 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Hand Oil ensured her hands and cuticles were nourished.


After two days of constant makeup application, Laura’s skin was ready for a bit of R&R. She reached for the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Face Peel, to lift impurities from her skin as it dried and peeled off. To ensure her skin wasn’t dried out afterwards, Laura applied a generous helping of the Manuka Doctor Normalising Facial Oil.


There’s nothing quite as luxurious as applying a face mask, so on day four Laura used the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Face Mask to prevent any breakouts, and followed this up with a hydrating hit of the Manuka Doctor Normalising Facial Oil.


And Laura’s favourite Manuka Doctor product from the range? Anything boasting 24K Gold and Manuka Honey, of course!

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