Introducing the Paradise Found Edition with Alessandra Ambrosio

Growing up in the early '00s, Alessandra Ambrosio was undoubtedly a top model of the millennium. A key player in the next generation of supermodels, she followed in the footsteps of her predecessors, the likes of Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, to continue pushing the modelling industry into big business. Fast forward 17 years and the mother of two is far from retired. With decades of experience under her belt, she showed us on the set of the Remix Summer cover shoot in Los Angeles (shot by Nino Munoz) what it takes to retain supermodel status all these years later. The key to her success and happiness? Creating her own paradise.

Not always a tangible notion or destination, paradise can be a state of mind In keeping with the theme, the Paradise Found edition pays homage to curating a summer album of life, where your state of being can qualify as 'paradise'. In the issue, we dance between the lines of the tangible and untouchable nirvana…

In Wellness a guide to inner peace encourages a slow-down to self-reflection; find out if ‘earth grounding’ or the 4-7-8 breathwork method is for you. Actress Maya Hawke takes shape as a figurehead of self-awareness, explaining in an interview exactly how being called a ‘nepo-baby’ makes her feel.

Our Travel pages offer up utopian temptations with paradise guaranteed; Connie McDonald (aka Princess Constance) shares her poetic Italian encounter at a rural convent, discover a 30 year strong love affair with Fiji, and get to know the hottest of Hollywood haunts for 2024. Plus, in a special showcase of local and global, the Remix team reveal their tried and tested ‘paradise destinations’.


Closer to home, our Fashion editorial beckons luxurious resort living; shot on Waiheke Island at a private residence, the beautiful Bella Boonsang provides endless inspiration for a whole holiday's worth of flirtatious fits. Further along in the style pages, find out why IT girl Emma Chamberlain considers Northern California as her nirvana, how to dress as though part of the White Lotus next season cast, and an unwrappable Christmas shoot with Taylor Dennison as the final gift. Plus, go inside the Remix trip to New York with Coach for NYFW.

Luxury curates the ultimate opulent wish list for Christmas; from Gucci’s Marina Chain jewellery and Bulgari’s new Roma bag to Cartier's new Tank watch and Van Cleef & Arpels illustrious summer collection. We also revisit the history of Rolex and discover why the iconic watchmakers are so world-renowned.

Design draws the outside in with Al fresco living, a paradise-inducing Palm Beach state of mind colour palette will have you stripping back your wallpaper fresh with beachy inspiration, and the world’s most sought after architectural photographer Iwan Baan tells us whether ugly spaces exist or not.


Gentlemen showcases radio star Clint Randell like you've never seen before, a Beckham inspired moodboard adds a little spice to your wardrobe, and a chance to select your scent style for the summer. If you’re light on inspiration, our podcast recommendations and bookshelf pages will have you stacked for beachfront daydreaming.

Beauty boasts poolside allies for a carefree season, the Remix teams ride-or-die products and get to know the ‘liquid facelift’ treatment taking the world by storm. We chat with Nicole Eckles, the woman behind the legendary Tahaa Affair candle scent (IYKYK). We also chat with the ‘Nigella of dog food’ Lou Lowry, to better understand treating our pets.

In Cuisine, a hit list for the best Sydney eats, while Natalie May has curated mouthwatering recipes (including an exclusive Remix recipe!) to keep those idle hands busy on holiday. A cocktail corner encourages the most junior of mixologists to celebrate summer soirees with a salut! And of course a Holiday Gift Guide curating the top 100 gifts for the season to take the stress out of shopping this year.


Get reading people, paradise awaits…