Remix puts the Yamaha WaveRunner to the test

If you’re after some watersport fun for the whole family, look no further than the Yamaha WaveRunner.

Yamaha WaveRunner | Remix had an adrenaline-filled weekend getaway with the ultimate water companion; the latest Yamaha WaveRunner. Thanks to Yamaha Marine New Zealand. | By Remix MagazineFacebook

Remix were lucky enough to recently be whisked away for a fun, adrenaline-filled getaway where we got to put the latest (and greatest) from Yamaha to the test - the 2019 FX HO 1800cc, and the supercharged FX SVHO Cruiser.


The stability and size of these watercraft make them the perfect companion on a weekend getaway, being both safe and reliable, they are great for a day trip adventure. Pack some snacks in one of the waterlocked compartments, get a group of friends together and venture out for an unforgettable experience. They also have plenty of power, so for those keen on tow sports, these WaveRunners are perfect!


Being smaller than a boat, the WaveRunner is the ideal choice for the family wanting a low maintenance alternative to a boat. Being compact means its easily transported, easy to hose down after a day out on the water, and easy to store beside the house or in the garage.


The reliability of the Yamaha brand can’t be ignored, having delivered WaveRunners to the market for thirty years. The Yamaha marine engines are synonymous with quality and designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use in tough marine environments.


Assembled with classic Yamaha attention for detail and craftsmanship, these offer affordability and durability all in a new and exciting way.


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