Wild Turkey Heritage Sessions are ON NOW - run don't walk!

Full-bodied bourbon brings to life a slice of Kentucky

The cherry blossoms might be out but it’s still wintery out there and we can’t think of a better way to spend these cooler nights than with a full-bodied bourbon in hand, southern food in our bellies and soulful music in our ears! That’s exactly what the Wild Turkey Heritage Sessions are about. This funky little pop up snuggled up at the base of the Sky Tower is a bourbon fans mirage, serving up a range of delicious Wild Turkey cocktails and southern American bites that bring the American Whiskey experience to life.


Our highlights? The sticky Bourbon Wings coupled with the Boilermaker cocktail – a wonderful mix of Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey paired with Panhead Quickchange XPA. And we could not pass up the famous Pickleback; a daredevils choice of Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey paired with the Panhead Quickchange XPA and pickle juice! Wash it down with the blackened steak and slaw and you are transported to the distillery itself!

Any whiskey aficionado will be rushing to nab a session before it wraps this Saturday. Open from 4pm – late, the Wild Turkey Heritage sessions allow attendees an immersive experience of the Kentucky bourbon so popular across the world.

Entry to the Wild Turkey Heritage Sessions is free. See here for more information!