We Can’t Get Enough Of… Sally Rooney's new novel and a bag made of air…

We’re back with another weekly wrap-up. This is what has been on the Remix team's minds this week.

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Mina Closes Their Doors

We are so sad to hear about Mina’s decision to take an indefinite break at the end of March. The label has been such a standout for the last six years, with their latest collection being their most successful to date. But there is no better way to close this chapter than on a high! A silver lining to this news is that Mina will hold a clearance sale on March 9th and 10th at Pocket Bar in Grey Lynn, selling samples, past and current stock, fabric trims, and more. We will definitely not miss out on this!


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Sally Rooney Announces New Novel

Fans of Normal People will be ecstatic to hear that Sally Rooney’s fourth novel will be published on the 24th of September. The bestselling Irish author will be adding to her uber-popular oeuvre with the release of Intermezzo, which follows two brothers as they deal with the death of their father. An intermezzo is a composition which fits between other dramatic or musical works. The title implies that this is a “between” period, in which the young men must consider their future while coping with the past. We cannot wait to read it!

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Coperni Takes Fashion To Outer Space

Coperni is no stranger to innovative materials. Notably, the brand created the viral spray-on dress rocked by Bella Hadid in 2022. But Coperni have outdone themselves with the new Aerogel Air Swipe Bag, created with the help of NASA, and made with a  silicon-based solid in which 99 percent of the volume is open space. Despite the seemingly flimsy material, the air swipe bag can hold a pressure of up to 4000 times its weight. You would definitely be the talk of the party rocking up with this NASA-engineered accessory.

The Corner x @Dazzas_Cooked Pies

On Wednesday, we enjoyed two delicious hot pies to get us through deadline. Cooked up from an epic collab between The Corner in Remuera and baker Darren Jarrett, or @Dazzas_Cooked on TikTok, the pies were a divine taste of their special new pie menu. To celebrate the start of the rugby league season, the pies will be available exclusively at The Corner on Friday 15th, Saturday 16th (game day) and Sunday 17th March (St Patrick’s Day). We recommend the eight-hour braised beef cheek and cheese pie with brown butter bechamel (Darren’s version of the classic steak and cheese), or the delicious vego option of a kumara and coconut dahl pie. Whether you’re a die-hard Warriors fan or just happy to be having a drink with your mates, the pies will keep you full and happy, win or lose.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Vapes

VAPO have teamed up with NZ festivals to reduce harm to our environment caused by vape waste. As well as their 36 recycling points around NZ (or the free mailing service their partner TerraCycle provides), VAPO is working with Rhythm and Vines, Northern Bass, and other NZ festies to ensure that letting loose over summer doesn’t mean hurting the earth. Vapecycle properly recycles all vape products, not just those sold at VAPO. It’s great to see this initiative growing, and hopefully by the time next summer rolls around, vape recycling will be the new norm.

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Timeless eyewear for lasting style

Eyewear is essential, yet who claims that stylish eyewear cannot become a signature element in your wardrobe? Specsavers' latest collection pays homage to British heritage through a collaboration with the renowned brand Barbour. These timeless frames illustrate a captivating fusion, blending the essence of a wardrobe staple with the vibrant energy of city life and the serene tranquillity of the British countryside. The Specsavers Barbour collection can be purchased in-store and online here