Ways to fight the winter blues

Have you seen that moment in The Holiday where Cameron Diaz and Jude Law are strolling down the street as the snow falls? Diaz is dressed angelically in white cashmere and Law in a handsome black trench. This scene is how we at Remix choose to envision the winter months. But sometimes the reality is not quite so picturesque.

With less daylight hours, the sun has its last minutes while the majority of us are still at the office. It seems winter encourages that workload to ramp up and stress levels to hit the roof. And to make matters worse the immune system that has been in control throughout summer is teetering out.

Luckily for us all, the winter blues are pretty easy to shake off. We decided to share some insight on the essentials in surviving the cooler months and take winter off our enemy list for good.


It may seem obvious, but the way you’re breathing has direct effect on your stress levels. That short, shallow breathing we do in anxious times only makes us more tense and flighty. Instead focus on deep breathing using your stomach as opposed to using your diaphragm. When we breathe from the bottom of our stomachs it tells the body that there is nothing to worry about. The mind and the body are connected, therefore a stress free body contributes to a stress free mind.

We can’t get enough of Yin Yoga; it trains the body how to breathe with ease and releases any tensions from the day through deep stretching. It’s our ideal end to a busy day - especially when accompanied by the smell of your favourite candle and some light tunes.


We can’t preach this enough; using your downtime mindfully allows you to replenish when you’re off the clock. Here’s our favourite ways of relaxing that leave us ready for the new day:

  • taking time away from technology (Snapchat can wait!)
  • colouring in - mandalas make the perfect patterns
  • do some baking - it’s rewarding and therapeutic
  • DIY face masks - banana, oatmeal & manuka honey is your skin’s perfect home remedy.
  • take a soak in the bath, add some bubbles and bring your favourite book


Working out makes you look and feel great. Exercise has the ability to release endorphins; the little chemicals in our brains that send positive energy throughout our bodies. But not only does the release of endorphins aid happiness, it is the recipe for improved sleep which helps fight stress.

Exercise doesn’t need to be expensive. A gym or yoga class are beneficial but you’ll feel just as great heading out for a jog or playing a workout vid on Youtube. GymRa and Fitness blenders are great channels to follow to help you combat that winter stress.


We know that living a busy lifestyle can make it hard to eat clean, but it’s so important to get the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins in our diets. The winter months naturally lower our immune systems so it’s crucial to look after yourself.

Look out for foods rich in iron as well as Vitamin A, C and D to name a few. Vitamin A helps with overall vitality, Vitamin C boosts that immune system and Vitamin D makes up for that missed summer sun. Additionally, try get as many fresh veges, leafy greens and good sources of protein into your weekly meals.

We’re currently loving Sequa Relax, a nutrition rich drink which contains 10 active ingredients and no added sugar. It’s specifically created to help you unwind both mentally and physically, the perfect addition to fighting the winter blues. Find out more about Sequa here.