Supercharge your immune system by adding this to your daily diet

It’s more than just an ingredient in your favorite curry… Turmeric, the vibrant orange spice, also boasts several health benefits!  

But why is turmeric so good for the body, you ask? Red Seal naturopath, Julie Fergusson, shares her insights into the benefits of this enchanting herb.

‘Turmeric has fantastic benefits, whether taken as a supplement or consumed in food.  A supplement is a convenient way of taking it and has a more concentrated dose of the active curcumin,’ she says. 

According to the lady boss of all things health, supplements are also not pharmaceutical drugs.  They work within the body’s systems to support healing naturally.  In general, she advises to give it several weeks or even a couple of months before you start to notice the most benefits. 

Turmeric not only helps support your system to fight against the perils of our modern lifestyles, but it also supports digestive comfort and promotes healthy aging– this powerful spice can work wonders!

So what is the key benefit of turmeric? Julie says, ‘It helps to calm the system down.  Our lives are becoming more and more hectic.  Turmeric helps with oxidative stress by supporting our liver to cope with day-to-day living’

To all you work or play hard junkies, add this gem to your latest cooking creations and keep those supplements handy so you can easily get through your busy lifestyles! Grab a Red Seal Pharmacy Strength Turmeric 16,000 MG, and let these capsules work their magic!

The last piece of advice that Julie gives our Remix readers is that turmeric is probably best taken at night time.  ‘However, taking supplements is something that has to fit into your routine.  We recommend taking turmeric with food, so morning or night is probably most ideal’.  

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