Best indoor plants to transform your home in to your own secret garden

2020 hasn’t been our best friend and everyone’s looking for ways to uplift their spirits. My current hobby is searching for plants to transform my personal space into my own greenhouse that requires minimal care. Surrounding yourself with greenery can be a real natural mood-booster and plus, it’s always nice to have anything with air-purifying qualities!

We’ve curated a list of some perfect first plant babies for you to adopt. You’re one step away from becoming a plant mum!


Snake Plant

Snake plants have got to be the most effortless plant out there. If not, I want it. These guys can go weeks without moisture with air purifying qualities. I had to get myself two and they currently take over ⅓ of my workspace… 

Spider Plant

This might be the best first plant for new plant parents. They’re not so strict with the amount of sunlight it needs or water consumption. Such an easy-going baby. Look how cute it’ll sit in the corner of your living room!



If you’re one to forget watering your plants on the reg, maybe try adopting a Pothos or two? They’re so hard to kill as they just love to chill in dry soil.

Aloe Plant

Calling all victims of regular sunburns - this could be worth investing in. We all know aloe has many medicinal properties - I have about 2 bottles in preparation for summer. These babies need lots of direct sunlight so make sure to place them by the window. Aloe can’t be placed in drenched oil so drain out the water after watering. 

ZZ Plants

These are ultimately indestructible plants. It’s highly impossible to kill them so if all else fails, adopt a ZZ Plant. But, if for whatever reason you do end up killing one, we need to talk. They’re in their best selves when kept alone, perfect for an office desk plant. Only water when the soil is dry!


If you think you’re up for the challenge, try caring for a Philodendron. This plant will tell you exactly what it needs. Place it somewhere with indirect sunlight, and only water if the soil is dry to some point (measure with your fingertip).



Just look at how cute these would sit at your desk! My productivity levels would skyrocket having these next to me 24/7. 


Peace Lilies

Possibly the fastest growing plant in my experience. These will grow and grow until you need to split them into a new pot! Who wouldn’t want that - more the merrier! 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

In contrast, this would have to be the slowest growing plant. Growing 1-2 leaves a year depending on how you care for them. They should be watered sparingly if they’ve been overwatered, the leaves will fall off or turn yellow!


Rubber Plant

These are so aesthetically pleasing in any given environment. Perfect for product shots for our creatives.



You might’ve seen these little troopers in almost every cafe, your friend's bedroom or just during your casual stroll. They love to be in the sunlight but not too much. Loves sitting on a balcony, desks or bedside tables - wherever your heart desires. 


Monstera Deliciosa

Last but not least, the star of the plant families. You would’ve seen these bombarding your Instagram feed in the past few years. They’re best kept in a well-lit indoor spot, weekly water schedule or when it’s looking dry and sad. Make sure to dust off the leaves to allow for it to breathe.